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Tips for removing UV adhesive

UV adhesives are also called shadowless adhesives and photosensitive adhesives. It is a kind of adhesive that can only be cured by curing with UV light. It is very suitable for self-adhesive or inter-adhesive bonding of glass, acrylic, crystal and other materials because of its transparency and high bonding strength after bonding.It is easy to bond but difficult to remove. Accidentally stick to the wrong or want to re-adhesive, before the bonding of UV adhesive have been cured solid,at this time, we should choose to remove adhesive.
1. Decoupling agent removal
You can choose a special decoupler to remove it.
When the decoupling agent is in contact with the cured UV glue surface, it will soften the UV glue, so the softened UV glue can be removed with a tool.

2.Heat removal

As the UV adhesive is softened by heat, it is very easy to peel off the UV adhesive at this time.When you do not have a decoupler to use, you can heat the UV glue at a temperature higher than its temperature resistance, which can also effectively soften the UV glue, and finally use a tool (such as a razor blade) to remove the residual glue.For example, the most common method is to heat a hairdryer, but make sure that the material is heat resistant before using it.

3.Acetone removal
Acetone can be used for cleaning or soaking to effectively remove the uv glue. Use a cotton cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of acetone to wipe the surface of the UV adhesive, you will be able to clean the UV adhesive, but acetone is only applicable to the UV adhesive on glass. Other materials are used with caution to prevent corrosion of the adhesive surface.

4.Blade removal

For some UV adhesion is not very good, want to remove the residual UV glue, you can use a blade a little bit of gently scraped off, if the surface is transparent, take care not to scratch the bonding surface affect the appearance. 
Then use alcohol to clean the surface.

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