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Amazing silicone grease

Silicone grease has the same characteristics as silicone oil, with excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness and low surface tension, in addition to a low coefficient of viscosity and temperature and high resistance to compression. In particular, its thermal and oxidative stability makes it less susceptible to deterioration even in long-term contact with air at 150°C and slower to oxidation when in contact with oxygen and chlorine at 200°C. It can be used at temperatures of -50-150°C and has good lubricity and non-corrosive effects on various substrates.

These characteristics of silicone paste make it the best candidate for thermal conductive media. The smaller surface tension allows it to diffuse well into the gaps between the chip and the heat sink surface, the thermal stabilityensures that it can work properly at high temperatures and the electrical insulation ensures the safety of other electronic components. To enhance its thermal conductivity, functional fillers, such as metal oxides, are added to the silicone grease to make it thermally conductive.

The silicone grease itself is white, but with the addition of different fillers it is possible to form other colours, such as the common grey or golden yellow. In addition to the quality of the thermal grease, the quality of the thermalconductivity of the silicone grease depends mainly on the difference of the filler added, nowadays the nano silicone grease and diamond silicone grease are named because of the filler.Note that there is a difference between silicone ester and silicone, the real sense of silicone is industrial silicone, and there is nothing to do with thermal grease, such as the material used for breast implants is silicone. But now often silicone grease is not divided, sometimes called thermal conductive silicone, refers to the normal temperature into a solid state of high temperature melting thermal conductive rubber, is the bottom of many radiators factory with the kind of thermal conductive media, some people also have a sticky also have a certain ability to conduct heat of the kind called thermal conductive silicone.

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