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Adhesives for electronic products


The current assembly process of electronic products often uses adhesive bands or liquid adhesives for the bonding, sealing, potting, coating, structural bonding, co-linear lamination and SMT placement of electronic and electrical components. The main adhesive types are: organic silicone, dry adhesive, UV adhesive epoxy adhesive, etc.

Single / double-sided adhesive tape because of its processing and ease of operation and become a common auxiliary material, but the tape only depends on the physical phenomenon caused by the adhesive strength is limited, so in a small area but the need for high strength then need to use liquid structural glue, electronic products most commonly used liquid structural adhesive for: double liquid type structural adhesive (commonly known as A/B adhesive) and moisture-responsive PU hot melt adhesive (PUR).

The two-component structure adhesive consists of a main agent and a hardener, each with its own mix ratio according to the type of reactant. They are normally stored separately and have a high stability. When used, the two agents are allowed to come into contact and mix to produce a curing reaction, which, when completed, bonds the two objects to be joined together.

The chemical reaction between the two components creates a number of chemical bonds, so that the cured adhesive is structurally strong and can withstand extreme external damage.Our company firmly adhere to the profession creates value to provide excellent services for domestic and foreign customers with all-round silicone use and solutions.Please click www.chinatensan if you want get more information.

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