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Advantages of high temperature resistant electronic adhesives

If electronic products are not specially protected, they can easily be damaged by "accidents", and the main function of high temperature resistant electronic adhesives is to protect electronic products. The high-temperature resistant electronic glue is developed using polymer technology and is non-polluting and does not emit gases that are harmful to humans. So, what are the main properties of high temperature resistant electronic adhesives? What is the protective effect on electronic products?

  • 1 Good resistance
High temperature resistant electronic gel not only has a good high temperature resistance, but also has a very strong low temperature resistance performance. Whether high-temperature environment or low-temperature environment, high-temperature electronic adhesive will not break and other problems. And in the process of using electronic products, high-temperature electronic adhesive also has good thermal conductivity, the heat generated by the electronic products can be discharged in a timely manner. 
  • 2  Fantastic water resistance

Dust and water damage to electronic products is relatively large. For example, electronic products in the process of use, accidentally dropped into the water, it is easy to make the electronic products written off. And high temperature electronic adhesive curing, with good dense, can be dustproof, waterproof, so that electronic products from water and dust. Of course, electronic products manufacturers in the choice of high temperature electronic adhesive, when To pay attention to the supplier's R & D strength, can focus on adhesive research, to provide integrated adhesive application solutions.
  • 3 Amazing elasticity
The main components of high-temperature electronic adhesive for organic polymer technology, elasticity is very good, in the process of using electronic products, high-temperature electronic adhesive can play the role of shock, anti-drop, etc..
In addition, high temperature electronic adhesive also has good insulation performance, filling performance and dust, corrosion, radiation and other quality performance, comprehensive protection of electronic products, to ensure the safety of electronic product users.
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