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The difference between one-component and two-component silica gel

One-component heat-conductive silicone belongs to the indoor temperature curing organic silicone rubber, with silicone as the main body, high-quality thermal conductive materials, fillers and other high polymer materials refined into a one-component electronic heat-conductive silicone. It is vulcanised into a high performance elastomer through the condensation reaction with water in the air to release low molecules and cause cross-linking, and has excellent resistance to high and low temperature changes after complete curing.
It does not reduce the heat dissipation effect due to contact gaps after thecomponents are fixed.

Two-component thermally conductive silicone, used as a heat transfer medium for cooling electronic devices, can be cured in position to form a soft elastomer that does not produce stress on electronic components. After curing, it fits closely to its contact surface and reduces thermal resistance, thus facilitating the heat transfer between the heat source and its surrounding heat sink, motherboard, metal case and shell, with high thermal conductivity, good insulation and ease of use.The advantages include high thermal conductivity, good insulation and ease of use.

   The difference between one-component and two-component thermally conductive silicone.

1.One-component thermally conductive silica gel curing does not absorb heat, does not exothermic, curing shrinkage rate is small, good adhesion to the material, but not easy to carry out secondary repair, two-component thermally conductive silica gel curing with elasticity, can be repaired to a certain area.

2.One-component thermally conductive silica gel use does not need to configure the ratio of silica gel and curing agent, the curing agent is already added to the silica gel inside, the operation process is simple, no need to mix, defoaming operations, only need to extrude the tube mounted container, two-component thermally conductive silica gel need A, B components mixed will not be fast gel, and therefore have a longer operable time.

3.Single component is only suitable for small area potting, thickness should not exceed 6mm, two-component is more suitable for large area potting operation, low viscosity, good fluidity, suitable for complex electronic parts moulding.

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