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How to handle Dried Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease

Thermally conductive silicone greases are generally grey and white in colour and are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in the manufacturing sector. Thermal grease is used in household, automotive, industrial and other appliances, and as long as you buy a high quality thermal grease and observe the correct application process, you will be assured of good thermal conductivity.
However, there are still some users who do not operate properly and make the thermal grease dry and hard, or buy cheap and poor quality silicone grease, so let us help you this time.

What will happen when the thermal grease becomes dry?

Thermal conductive silicone grease is in the state of silicone grease before use, and it is also in the state of paste and grease when it is applied to the substrate, so you can proceed to the next step without waiting. Thermal conductive silicone grease only has good thermal conductivity when it is in a paste state, once it dries and even cracks, air will enter the cracks and as air is a non-conductive material, it will affect the thermal conductivity of the silicone grease.Therefore it will affect the thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive silicone grease and reduce it.

Does thermal grease still contribute to thermal conductivity after drying?
It is common for thermally conductive silicone grease to dry out. There are two main types, one of which is when the surface is slightly dry and solid, in this case it does not affect the use. The other type is when the thermal grease dries out and cracks appear. In this state, the thermal conductivity of the thermal grease will plummet, and if the cracks are severe, the thermal conductivity may even be lost completely.Therefore it is important to purchase a high quality thermal grease.

Can a dried out thermal grease be continued to be used after dilution?
The main reason why the thermal grease has dried out is the serious separation of the oil in it. If the surface of the thermal grease is dry but still thermally conductive, there is no need for too much treatment.If the thermal conductivity is decreased or lost, it is better to remove it and reapply it correctly.

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