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Application of thermally conductive interface materials

The types of thermally conductive interface materials include thermally conductive silicone film, thermally conductive adhesive tape, thermally conductive paste, thermally conductive gel, etc. They are used to fill the gap (0.1mm - 20mm) between the chip/heat generator and the heat sink as a medium to accelerate heat transfer, effectively transferring the heat from the chip to the heat sink fins to reduce chip temperature, increase chip life and improve product performance.
Generally, thermal modules are made up of a thermally conductive interface material, thermal fins and a fan. Heat is conducted from the chip surface through the thermal interface material (e.g. thermal silicone film, thermal tape, thermal gel, etc.) and onto the thermal fins. The larger the thermal conductivity of the interface material and the larger the area, the more effective the heat dissipation will be. If the heat generation of the wafer is high or the machine space is small and the ventilation is not good, the heat dissipation effect will be higher.If the heat generation of the chip is high, or if the machine is not well ventilated, a cooling fan is often added to the heat sink to move the heat away from the heat sink more quickly. Thermally conductive interface materials are used in products such as Notebook, Laptop Computer, Telecom Device, LCD TV, LED lighting, Power Supply Unit PSU, DDR Memory Module, etc. Products.

As the name implies, thermally conductive interface materials are heat transferring media, and the following are three different types of materials and their composition

1. Thermally Conductive Silicone (Heat Transferring Adhesives) - thermosetting encapsulants consisting of epoxy resin/silicone and metal oxide powder.

2. Thermally Conductive Tape (Thermal Tape) - Double-sided adhesive tape, available in Acrylic base, Silicone base, and special reinforcement materials (Fiberglass mesh, Polyimide), with different types and functions.

3. Thermally conductive silicone sheets (thermal silicone) - in solid sheet form and in phase change (liquid form above 50°C).

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