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How long does it take for thermal paste

CPU silicone grease does not need to be replaced as long as it does not dry out. Generally, depending on the quality, the dry time is around 1 year to 5 years, so please judge how long to change depending on the quality of the silicone grease used.
Daily electronic products in the use of the process is easy to heat, resulting in slow operation or directly burned motherboard, open the inspection, found that the surface of the thermal conductive silica gel dry crack phenomenon, the life of electronic products and thermal conductive silicone grease has a great relationship, then the application process of thermal conductive silicone grease cracking, what are the specific reasons?

After the separation of thermal silicone grease oil and powder, the mixing is not uniform before use, resulting in the printing of thermal silicone grease, the coating process of local powder, less oil, high temperature use for a long time, resulting in the overall locking of thermal silicone grease oil difficulties, a small amount of oil after a period of time slowly precipitated, resulting in colloidal powder, the formation of cracks. 

2.Raw materials.

The choice of silicone oil has a very important influence on the service life and performance of the thermal silicone grease. Silicone oil belongs to polymer material, but in the synthesis process, it will be mixed with polymer, if the polymer is not handled well, it will exist in the polymer silicon products for the production of thermal silicone grease, using polymer thermal silicone grease is easy to volatilize under high temperature.The small molecule volatilization process leads to colloid expansion and serious colloid cracking.

3.Oil separation rate.

The oil release rate of thermal grease is a measure of the performance of the product for long-term normal use. Different formulations and production processes have different rates. The greater the oil release rate of the thermal grease, the shorter the normal use time. The reason for this is that with a high oil release rate of thermally conductive silicone grease, it is relatively easy for the silicone oil to seep out and separate from the powder. If the powder lacks the oil mixture, it will become dry and cracks will also appear after severe drying. Therefore, the smaller the oil separation rate, the less likely it is to crack.

Tensan's thermally conductive silicone grease has excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to high and low temperatures, which can effectively improve the environmental adaptability of the drive power supply and ensure its long-term stable operation, escorting the computer host server and communication equipment light industry.At present, we have developed and produced TS1105 with a thermal conductivity of 5.15. The excellent product quality and high cost performance have won us praise from the industry and customers at home and abroad.

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