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Adhesive for bonding and sealing

Since the appearance of vehicle power supply, all small household appliances in the family can be moved to the car for use, such as mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, car refrigerators, video cameras, DVDs, etc., so that people can feel at home in the car. Since its launch, many limitations of using electrical appliances in cars will no longer exist, and people can truly enjoy the feeling of "walking with home and connecting with the world". The on-board power supply is not only applicable to the on-board system. As long as there is DC12V DC power supply, the power inverter can be used, which brings convenience to people's life.

Adhesive for bonding and sealing
Gluing position: shell sealing and bonding
Glue demand: high temperature resistance, high bonding strength, waterproof and aging resistance
Glue recommendation: TS8866 high strength one component silicone sealant
Reason for recommendation:TS8866 is applicable to high-strength bonding between metal, plastic, glass, silica gel and other materials; Waterproof grade IP68, high and low temperature resistance (-60-260),insulation, aging resistance and other characteristics.

Thermal potting is suitable for general potting material for power supplies, connectors, sensors, industrial controls and transformers. Termal potting Two-part, 1 to 1 mix, dark gray, general purpose encapsulant with good flowability and flame resistance.   

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