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Led silicome solution for outdoor lamps

Outdoor lighting fixtures, including LED on-site architectural floodlights, LED street lights, tunnel lights, solar lights and underground lights. adhesives in LED lighting products mainly play a role in bonding, sealing, thermal conductivity and flame retardant protection. The strengths and weaknesses of the adhesive directly determine the safety and stability of the lighting product, the fogging and light transmission, the aging and durability LEDs are the most energy-efficient light emitters available today. They are widely used in homes, cities, industry, automobiles and aerospace. As the manufacturing base of the global electronics industry, China has accounted for half of the global LED industry development. A relatively complete industrial chain has been formed, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, the LED chip preparation, LED chip packaging, and LED product application. As we all know, LED is the most energy-efficient light source and is widely used in households, automobiles, industries, cities, aerospace and other fields.

As the manufacturing base of the global electronics industry, China has now formed a more complete LED industry chain adhesives in LED lighting products mainly play a bonding, sealing, thermal conductivity, flame retardant protection and other functions. The quality of the adhesive directly determines the safety stability, fogging light transmission, ageing and durability of the lighting products.

TENSAN LED RTV Silicone Sealant TS6603  is semi-flow RTV silicone with good waterproof function and sealing strength. LED RTV Silicone Sealant TS6603 can be used for bonding metal, glass, ceramics etc. material.

◆  REACH, ROHS certified

◆  MSDS for air/sea shipment

◆  Fast curing

◆  Non-corrosive to most Copper,Polycarbonate plastics material

◆  Excellent waterproof function

◆  Excellent sealing performance

◆  Good Performance for insulation   
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