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Why high-power components have to choose electronic potting adhesive?


Power module potting generally mainly includes: thermally conductive potting glue, epoxy resin glue potting glue, silicone potting glue, polyurethane potting glue and so on.

The silicone-based electronic potting compound has become the first choice for the potting compound base due to its excellent physical and chemical properties and process performance, although the thermal conductivity of the silicone-based potting compound itself is not high, 0.17W/m. K, but as long as the high thermal conductivity filler is added, its thermal conductivity can be improved. At present, the thermal conductivity of silicone potting compounds on the market has reached 0.5~4.5 W/m. K after modification.


Electronic potting glue generally needs to have the following properties:

1. Low viscosity, good leveling, suitable for molding complex electronic parts.

2. After curing, it forms a soft rubbery shape with good impact resistance.

3. Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance, which can prolong the life of electronic accessories after application.

4. Addition type, can be cured at room temperature and heated

5. Has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof effect.


TENSAN TS8833 white gray two-component silicone thermal conductive encapsulant

TENSAN TS8833 white and gray two-component silicone thermal conductive encapsulant can be used for adapters, transformers, ballasts, sensors, electrical control units, etc.

◆ Two-component addition silicone rubber

◆ 1:1 mixing ratio

◆ Low curing shrinkage

◆ Excellent high temperature electrical insulation and stability

◆ Good waterproof and moisture resistance


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