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What are the disadvantages of epoxy potting compounds? Why is it still used in many fields?


Epoxy potting glue is familiar to the manufacturing industry. This kind of glue, silicone potting glue and polyurethane potting glue are three types of potting glue. It can be seen from the classification that it has a great position in the manufacturing industry. The field is very broad. In fact, this glue has many shortcomings, and you need to understand some shortcomings of epoxy potting glue when using it.

Disadvantages of two-component epoxy potting glue:

1. The glue has high viscosity and poor permeability. It is difficult to realize automatic equipment operation and increase the construction cost.

2. This glue has poor protection, especially when it encounters high and low temperature changes, it is easy to crack, and once cracked, it will not heal itself.

3. The use stability is limited, the substrate is easy to be pulled in the ultra-low temperature environment, and there is almost no shock resistance.

Disadvantages of one-component epoxy potting compound:

1. The curing conditions are relatively harsh, and it needs to be heated before curing, which is not as good as two-component.

2. The storage conditions are harsh. The single-component epoxy potting glue needs to be stored at room temperature below 25 degrees or about 5 degrees in the refrigerator. If the storage environment temperature does not meet this requirement, the glue is prone to material changes, affecting the use.

Epoxy encapsulant has so many shortcomings, why is it still widely used in many fields?

Although epoxy potting glue has many shortcomings, in fact, other types of potting glue also have some shortcomings. As long as the application field can accommodate the shortcomings and give full play to the advantages, it can be widely used. One-component epoxy encapsulant is not as broad as two-component due to various reasons. Two-component epoxy encapsulant can be used in relays, high-voltage packages, module power supplies and electronic transformers.

The two-component epoxy encapsulant has good compression resistance after use, and has strong bonding ability, resulting in excellent waterproof and moisture resistance.

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