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What are the factors that affect the viscosity of the sealant? How to use it correctly to improve the sealing adhesion?


When choosing a sealant, we must pay attention to the adhesiveness of the product. Only high-strength adhesive force can be better used for product station street sealing. But it should be noted that there are many factors that affect the bonding of the sealant, such as whether the product is regular or not, whether the surface of the adhered object is clean during use, etc. will affect its sealing degree, so pay special attention to these, so that scientific use and good sealing can be achieved.

Factors affecting the viscosity of the sealant:

The key is to choose high-quality sealant products, so that regular products can ensure good bonding strength. Furthermore, when using sealant for bonding, pay attention to whether the surface of the adhered object is clean and tidy. Only by effectively removing these dust or soil will it not affect its bonding effect.

The correct way to use sealant:

It should be known that in addition to these factors, the correct use will also affect the adhesive force of the sealant, so it is also very important to master the correct use method. Before using the sealant, the construction site should be cleaned to prevent dust, rust, paint and other effects.

The second step is to choose the sealant. According to the construction object to be sealed and the surrounding natural environment, choose a sealant product with coordinated colors. Use a glue gun to evenly smooth the construction surface. The textured paper can also be fixed in advance. After construction, 3 to It can be used normally in 5 hours, and the surface is completely cured after 12 hours of construction, reaching the highest hardness.

These are the main factors that affect the viscosity of the sealant. I hope everyone can pay special attention to it and use it scientifically to effectively improve the adhesion. In addition, there is another point to note, that is, the quality is very important when choosing a sealant. Only high-quality products can achieve the best bonding and sealing effect. Therefore, the quality of the sealant must be well checked, and the selected partner must be a company with a good reputation and quality assurance, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of sealant and provides customized sealant application solutions.

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