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What is thermal paste? What is the principle of heat dissipation? What are the precautions?


Many electrical appliances or electronics need to use heat dissipation paste in the process of manufacturing. Heat dissipation paste is a paste-like substance with thermal conductivity. It needs to be applied to the gap between the CPU and the heat sink, which can play a role in heat conductivity. , to prevent burning due to excessive local temperature of the CPU. In this process, the heat dissipation paste should maximize the effect of increasing the thermal conductivity. So, what is the principle of thermal paste heat dissipation? What are the precautions?

What is Thermal Paste.

The main component of heat dissipation paste is silicone oil plus some fillers, and then made into a gray or white paste-like substance, which can also maintain a paste-like shape after construction without curing or adhesion. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, and can normally perform heat dissipation within -50 degrees to 200 degrees.

What is the principle of heat dissipation?

The main heat dissipation principle of heat dissipation paste is to apply heat dissipation paste on the interface between heat sink and heat source, because heat dissipation paste itself is a substance with heat conduction and non-conduction properties, at this time, the temperature of CPU can be controlled within a certain range. There will be no phenomenon of excessive local temperature.


1. The heat dissipation paste can be applied to the core of the CPU when it is in use. If it gets on other parts, it needs to be wiped clean with a paper towel or damp cloth, because the heat dissipation paste can not be applied to the electrical components other than the CPU to dissipate heat performance, and can even be counterproductive.

2. When applying the heat dissipation paste, you can use tools to apply it, so that it can be applied evenly. If some places cannot be handled by tools, you can wear plastic gloves and press it with your fingers to make it smooth.

What kind of thermal paste is good?

The silicone oil in the heat dissipation paste is "not volatile", but the heat dissipation paste with poor quality will dry out due to slight volatilization after a long time of use. The heat dissipation performance of the dry heat dissipation paste is poor, so the separation time of the silicone oil is determined A standard for the quality of thermal paste.

It can be seen from this that when buying thermal grease, you must buy products with low volatility and low oil separation. Not many can meet this requirement. At present, only the products of big brands have quality assurance.

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