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Why is the heat dissipation effect of thermal paste not good? What precautions?


Heat dissipation paste is a kind of heat dissipation material. This kind of heat dissipation material is a material that conducts heat and does not conduct electricity. It can be used in many electrical appliances and covers a wide range. But not all heat dissipation paste will have a good heat dissipation effect after construction, so what is the reason for the poor heat dissipation effect of heat dissipation paste?

There are roughly three reasons for the poor heat dissipation effect of thermal paste.

1. The smearing position is not accurate. The heat dissipation paste needs to be applied in the middle of the electrical heating element and the heat dissipation facility to achieve the expected heat dissipation effect, and the two need to be closely attached, preferably fixed with screws.

2. The quality of thermal paste is not good. If there is a problem with the quality of the thermal paste, it will also lead to poor cooling effect. In order to avoid this situation, it is best to buy quality-guaranteed, brand-name products.

3. The construction method of thermal paste is incorrect. After the correct construction position and quality of the heat dissipation paste are ensured during construction, if the heat dissipation effect is still unsatisfactory, it is necessary to consider whether the construction method is incorrect. It is very important to apply evenly during construction. It is also necessary to control the thickness and not exceed 3mm, otherwise the heat dissipation effect will be affected.


1. The heat dissipation paste will not solidify after being applied, because it belongs to the type of grease. If it solidifies, it means that the quality is not good.

2. Pay attention when purchasing high-grade heat dissipation paste, because some high-end heat dissipation pastes use silver powder or aluminum powder as a filler in order to improve heat dissipation performance. Such heat dissipation paste has certain conductivity and is prone to short circuit when used .

3. The heat dissipation paste also has good temperature resistance, can work for a long time, and will not corrode the metal during the work.

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