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TS1001 thermal grease is a kind of gray paste organic silicone. This product has good thermal conductivity and dielectric properties, weather resistance, pollution resistance, anti-ultraviolet property and excellent moisture-proof insulation property. This product is suitable for thermal coating of electrical appliance and electronic products which is easy to use.


TS1001 is 1.0 W/M.k thermal conductivity , it is widely used in small wattage electronics items for heat sink and fill the gap . The main application is used in LED industry , especially in the LED bulb .


The package of it is mainly 1kg /pack , but we also have other package size , 50g/pack , 300ml/pack , 20 kg/pack , or any other customized size .


Tensan is with 20 years experience for the heat sink material , thus we are reliable for every client .


If you want to learn about thermal grease , you can come to visit use at :

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