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How to deal with typical problems may occur during potting process


There are some application problems will inevitably occur during the use of encapsulant,such as  volume expansion after curing; curing process is slow in winter; encapsulant removal issues after curing, etc. Shenzhen Tensan will show us in specific for the application problems .


First of all , we could talk about the Clearing problems after the potting compound is cured. Silicone potting compound is environmentally friendly, elastic, soft, and very stable in chemical properties,thus very few solvents can dissolve it. Even if there is solvent , it will has great impact on the PCB board, so it can only be separated slowly with a sharp blade. Epoxy encapsulant and PU is too hard and cannot be removed after curing. Once there is a problem with the components, it can only be destroyed directly. Therefore, when selecting the encapsulant, you must  consider this problem .


Second problem is the volume expansion problem of the electronic potting compound after curing. The expansion of the molded potting compound after curing is caused by the bubbles brought in during the mixing process of A and B, which is too late to be discharged during curing. It is recommended to evacuate the bubble before filling. If there is no vacuum evacuation equipment, it can be relieved by placing it for one to two hours after the filling and then heating and curing.


Another problem is slow curing of electronic potting compound in winter. The curing speed of the potting compound has a great relationship with the ambient temperature, the higher the temperature is, the lower the viscosity the compound is and the faster the curing speed is. On the contrary, the lower the temperature is, the longer time will take for curing .Thus to solve this issue , you can increase temperature in winter by heating.


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