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Causes and solutions that Make red adhesive not in place

Causes and solutions that Make red adhesive not in place
Red glue is a poly-silk compound, unlike tin paste, which is cured after heating, and its solidification point temperature is 150 degrees C,then the red glue begins to change directly from the paste body to a solid. Red glue belongs to SMT material. Red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics, etc. According to this characteristic of red glue, in production, the purpose of using red glue is to make the part firmly paste on the PCB surface to prevent it from falling.
The reasons for the instability and non-adhesion of red glue are:
1, the refrigerator to remove immediately use;
2, coating temperature instability;
3, coating pressure is low, short time;
4, the injection barrel mixed into the bubble;
5, gas supply pressure instability;
6, glue mouth blockage;
7, the circuit board positioning is not smooth
8, glue mouth wear;
9, dot size and pinhole diameter do not match.
1, fully thawed and then used;
2, check the temperature control device;
3, appropriate adjustment cover pressure and time;
4, the use of centrifugation de-foaming device;
5, check the air source pressure, filter qi, sealing ring;
6, cleaning the gum mouth;
7, consulting circuit board suppliers;
8, replace the glue nozzle;

9, increase the size of the glue or change the inner diameter of the smaller nozzle.

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