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Thermal pad's five main performance characteristics

Five characteristics of thermally conductive silicone pad:
1. High thermal conductivity:
The application of a thermally conductive silicone pad fills the gap between the heating element and the radiator well, greatly improves the thermal heat dissipation efficiency, and reduces the temperature difference between the interface to a lower level.
2.Good insulation ability:
In the heat conduction and heat dissipation of electronic products, many devices require insulation of heat conduction materials to prevent the conduction from having adverse effects on other devices.
3. Convenience:
The thermal conductive silicone pad is easy to test and install and can be reused. Good convenience reduces the consumption process and corresponding costs and also makes repairs and other treatments faster and faster.
4.Good Stability:
A thermally conductive silicone pad has good stability and can maintain good characteristics under various environmental conditions, thus ensuring the stable performance of electronic products in various environments.
5. Good Sound absorption and shock absorption ability:

Heat-conducting silica gel pad also has certain sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing functions, which makes the performance of electronic products better, and also plays a certain role in the maintenance of various components.

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