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How to choose Thermal Pad or Thermal conductive silicone


How to choose Thermal Pad or Thermal conductive silicone 

1. Thermal pad is widely applicable

About choose the thermal pad or silicone , in fact, from the two products from the different performance, each has its own characteristics and strengths. As for thermal pads, we know that this product actually has a cutting process in the production process, and different sizes of blocks can be obtained according to customers' requirements. Relatively speaking, the overall use is also relatively convenient, you can customize different areas, different thicknesses, and soft and hard conditions. It is precise because of this, then the effect of the film in the process of use is also different, such as the coefficient of thermal conductivity and compression performance is naturally different. And when you choose to use, you can according to their own needs to choose the size, soft and hard different film, the overall scope of application is also relatively extensive.

2. High thermal conductivity of Thermal conductive silicone
Previously we said that the scope of application of the film is relatively wide, and unlike the film, the Thermal conductive silicone in the production process does not solidify this step. In this way, the overall stability of the material is relatively good. Generally speaking, the shape of Thermal conductive silicone is a paste with good thermal conductivity and high-temperature resistance, so it is a stable and safe product in the process of use. However, it is not applicable to a wide range of thermal pads.

3. Which one should I choose?

In front respectively introduced the characteristics and strengths of the two, and about the thermal silicone pad and silicone which good, in fact, also need to see the product used. For example, for some small volume, the heat range is also small products, such as lamps, transformers and so on, the thermally conductive film is undoubtedly a better choice, the thickness can be freely adjusted; And for some of the higher power products, such as microwave oven or oven and so on, at this time is the natural choice of thermal Thermal conductive silicone, the overall thermal conductivity is also more consistent. So, you have to take the actual situation into consideration when you choose.

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