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What are the matters needing attention for Tensan Red Glue?

What are the matters needing attention for Tensan Red Glue?
Application of Tensan Red Glue: used in printing presses or dispensers. As Red Glue is affected by temperature by its viscosity, fluidity, wetting, and other characteristics, Red Glue should be subject to certain conditions of use and standardized management.
1. In order to maintain the quality of the patch adhesive, please store it in the refrigerator (5±3℃);
2. Keep it at room temperature for 2~3 hours before taking it out of the refrigerator.  
3, can use toluene or ethyl acetate to clean the house.  
4. For Glue ordering, the Red Glue of the hose should be defoaming. For one-time unused Red Glue, it should be put back into the refrigerator for preservation, and old Glue and new Glue should not be mixed.
5. The recommended temperature for dispensing or scraping is 25-30℃;  
6. When decorating the hose, please use the special glue water machine to separate it, so as to prevent bubbles from mixing in the glue.

Note: Red Glue, once removed from the freezer, should not be opened until it reaches room temperature. To avoid contaminating the original product, any used patch glue should not be poured back into the original package.

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