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What should be paid attention to in the process of electronic filling sealant?

Electronic potting sealants belong to the common name, which can be divided into several kinds carefully, including one component and two components respectively. If divided according to the composition of raw materials, can be divided into four categories. No matter what kind of electronic sealant must master the operation method, so that the construction process can avoid mistakes.
Electronic filling and sealing adhesive notes:
1. In the low-temperature environment, there will be the crystallization of Agent A, which is normal. As long as placed at room temperature crystallization of the gel will become liquid. But in the process of use need to be placed in an environment of 40 degrees to 50 degrees heating, which can mix the ratio of rubber.
2. The mixed glue solution should be used within 30 minutes as far as possible. The longer the mixed glue solution is placed, the higher the viscosity will be, and the lower the fluidity will be when the glue is injected, which is prone to incomplete filling and incomplete filling of small gaps.
3. The container after mixing the glue solution should be cleaned in time for the next use. If there is residual glue solution in the container, there will be filaments after curing and the fluidity will be poor.

In the curing stage, electronic potting sealant can prevent from releasing poisons or volatiles in the healing environment. Users can rest assured that it is widely used and can be applied in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, shipping, electronics, automobile, instrument, power supply, high-speed railway, and other industries.

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