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What is the difference between epoxy resin potting sealant and silicone thermal potting sealant?

Epoxy resin pouring sealant
Epoxy pouring sealant has smaller shrinkage rate, excellent insulation heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, low price, good maneuverability, but during the curing reaction of epoxy pouring sealant maybe let out a lot of heat, and has certain internal stress, easy to crack, the impact of heat-resistant ability is poor, after curing the elastic is not enough, easy to have stress on electronics, when the electronic device is working, the expansion of the device, stress the role of the easy damage. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin after curing is very low, ranging from 0.3w/m.K to 0.6 W /m.K.
Silicone heat conduction sealant

The silicone thermal conductive sealant of our company has the characteristics of a wide temperature range, good flexibility, low hardness, good repair-ability, and low viscosity. It does not release heat when curing, has minimal stress on electronic components, is not easy to crack, and is not strong enough, but the device can be repaired later. And it is very good in waterproof, can be a very good protection of electronic products components. Silicone thermal conductive potting sealant is liquid before curing and has fluidity. The viscosity of the adhesive varies according to the material, performance, and production process of the product. Silicone thermal conductive potting sealant can be fully cured to achieve its use-value, cured to form a soft rubber shape, good impact resistance. Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, can extend the life of electronic accessories after application. The molding can be cured at room temperature and temperature, with excellent moisture-proof and water-proof effect. Used for high-power street lamp power supply, power module, HID lamp power module, solar power junction box potting protection, LED electronic display, LED electronic potting adhesive, circuit board potting, power line bonding, LED, LCD high-power lamp, etc.

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