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What should I do if I accidentally put electronic sealant on my eyes or clothes?

The electronic potting sealant is a kind of vulcanized silica gel, which can be cured at room temperature and cured by heating. Flame retardant and heat conduction.
It is mainly used on the surface of PC, PP, ABS, PVC, and other materials and metals. General electrical module, power box sealing protection; Insulation, waterproof and fixation of electronic accessories; Outdoor sealing protection for LED/LCD display.
Electronic potting sealant has high purity, good insulation effect, and strong waterproof effect. Excellent adhesion, good fixity; Low viscosity, safety, and environmental protection.
We need to calm down if we accidentally get it on our eyes or clothes while using the electronic potting sealant. If the electronic sealant strays into the eye, rinse immediately with water, and seek immediate medical attention.
If it is stuck on the clothes, can use acetone or banana water on the gum stain, to brush repeatedly, when the glue stain becomes soft, take off from the fabric, then rinse with water. A fail can repeatedly scrub several times, the end can be washed clean.
Do not use this method for fabric containing acetate to avoid damage to clothing fabric. You can soak the contaminated clothing in warm water, when the stain is dissolved by water, then rub with your hands, until the stain is rubbed off, and then wash it again with warm washing liquid, and finally rinse with clean water.
The above is the way to deal with silicone potting. If epoxy resin potting is used, there is no technology that can remove it. Don't imagine that any solvent can be dissolved, and even if there is, it is not reliable.
Acetone, alcohol, acetic acid and so on can't really clean the epoxy potting, the epoxy potting can be washed off with alcohol before it gets hard, if it gets hard the alcohol can't get rid of it.

If you want to really get rid of epoxy resin, a treasure there are many kinds of claims to epoxy resin on the solute, can have a try, but most of all are corrosive, in fact, there is no real epoxy resin solute, so-called solute of epoxy resin, is really just common varnish remover, dissolving epoxy resin paint effect is very good, but the dissolved potting glue, epoxy resin or not so good.

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