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What are the advantages of thermally conductive paste used in outdoor appliances?

Thermal conductive paste as a heat dissipation material has been widely used, the field involves electrical appliances, electronics, automotive, and other fields, with excellent heat transfer performance, become irreplaceable products. High thermal conductivity is not like an adhesive, with adhesive after use, good adhesion better performance.
What are the advantages of thermal conductivity paste?
1, thermally conductive paste has many advantages, used in electrical appliances can not only play a thermal conductivity, but good quality products also have electrical insulation and impact resistance, electrical appliances in the process of shock can also achieve a good shock absorption effect.
2,The consistency of thermal conductivity paste is moderate, with good construction performance, whether machine construction or manual operation is convenient construction. After using in the electrical appliances temperature resistance is good, high temperature does not fuse, low temperature does not cure, so the thermal paste can be widely used.
3, thermal paste does not contain toxicity and volatiles, there is no impact on the substrate and the appliance after use, and the appliance will not pollute the air by releasing volatiles at high temperature in the process of operation.
What are the advantages of thermal paste used in outdoor appliances?
1, the thermal paste used in outdoor appliances can also eliminate UV light and moisture, ozone, chemicals on the substrate bad stimulation, chemical resistance is better, can cope with a variety of harsh environmental changes.
2, thermal paste is mainly composed of silicone oil and some additives with heat dissipation properties, this material is mainly used for thermal conductivity in electrical appliances, can not be used in other areas of electrical appliances, otherwise, it is counterproductive.

If the thermal paste is exposed to high temperature for a long time or works under high temperature, the oil separation of poor quality products will be more serious, the surface of the paste will dry up and even crack, and the cracked slit will be mixed with air, so the thermal performance of the thermal grease will be reduced or even disappear, so when buying thermal paste, the oil separation is also a consideration.

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