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What are the excellent characteristics of electronic sealants? In which fields are they mostly used?

The demand for electronic sealants in the medical, automotive and electronic industries is increasing day by day and they are indispensable in the production process. This adhesive has excellent characteristics and is very durable to achieve the desired use.
What are the significant features of electronic sealant?
1, there are two types of two-component and one-component products, encounter room temperature can be cured. When applied outdoors, it effectively resists yellowing and does not affect the overall aesthetics.
2, does not contain any solvents, the curing process almost does not release high heat and toxic substances, greatly enhance the environmental performance.
3, no corrosive itself, will not corrode the surrounding components. At the same time has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, will not be eroded by other chemicals.
4, temperature resistance is good, can resist -55 to 180 degrees high and low temperature. In the alternation of hot and cold, still maintain good performance, especially durable.
In which fields are electronic sealants mostly used?
Generally speaking, electronic sealants are mostly used in industries related to electronic components, such as the electronics industry, automotive industry, medical industry, aviation industry and so on. It protects large and small components from water, moisture, corona and insulation.
When used, electronic sealant can be used to seal the aircraft cockpit, instrument cabin, automotive parts and medical equipment, etc., can resist the alternation of hot and cold, making transportation more secure.

With the help of electronic sealant, many electronic components can be transported and used properly. The components are completely sealed without delaying the inspection of their working condition at any time. By applying it in the right environment, it can give outstanding performance and show more value.

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