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Is the thixotropy of electronic potting adhesives important? Should it have good weather resistance?

For a good quality electronic potting adhesive, it should have good thixotropy. This is a basic performance, with good thixotropy, it can be quickly squeezed out or sprayed, without delaying the operation time. After the fast operation, the color remains the same and the performance remains the same.
Is the thixotropy of electronic potting adhesive important?
The adhesive cannot be without thixotropy, otherwise, it will affect the sealing property. Follow the correct method to complete the pouring, will not be easily affected by the external environment. It effectively prevents moisture, dust, and air from entering, and prevents rust or water leakage. Once the thixotropy is lost, it will cause a series of troubles and cannot be used normally.
What is the weather resistance of electronic potting adhesive?
The high-quality electronic potting adhesive has excellent weather resistance, not afraid of cold and heat, not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. It is easy to be used outdoor for a long time, and it will hardly affect the performance.
The electronic potting adhesive should also have what performance?
Want to buy a good quality adhesive with more performance, rather than more than one performance, not less than one performance. In addition to weather resistance and thixotropy, high-quality adhesives should have excellent sealing properties, the electronic components wrapped up, airtight, will not be affected by other factors. In addition, the rheology can not be too poor, after pouring, can not self-leveling, will affect the curing of the adhesive layer, can not smoothly perform other properties. With good self-leveling properties, no human intervention is needed to quickly complete the sealing work.

When you choose to buy electronic potting adhesive, you should understand its performance. It is best to try it in advance to see what performance can be shown after curing and whether it meets the actual needs.

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