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What factors affect the curing speed of electronic sealants? How to deal with excess adhesive?

For electronic sealants, after complete curing, they show a variety of properties and are applicable in many fields. During the curing process, the speed can be fast or slow, which has a great impact on the performance. It is important to understand the factors that affect the curing speed so that it can be used smoothly.
What factors affect curing speed?
Objective conditions directly affect the curing speed, such as the temperature and humidity of the application and the environment. When the temperature is too low and the humidity is too high, the complete curing speed is slowed down. Besides, poor ventilation in the construction environment will also slow down the curing speed. Or the gap is too wide and too deep, the deep curing speed will also be slowed down.
What is the normal curing time?
The normal cure time for Tensan electronic adhesives is 24 hours, provided that the quality and handling are correct.
What is the normal cure time for electronic sealants?
Find the most suitable adhesive for the application environment, application requirements, and other factors. Tensan electronic adhesives can be customized according to customer requirements.
How to deal with excess adhesive?
1、 Use soap and water to clean it, soak it for a minute or two and then use a brush to remove it by circular motion.
2、 Use toothpaste to clean the adhesive that is stuck to the clothes.
3、 Use a hairdryer to soften, easier to clean up.

Wait until the electronic sealant is completely cured, it is easy to perform and easier to clean up. To avoid causing skin irritation, please wear protective equipment. Try not to get on the skin or clothing, do not waste time to clean.

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