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Potting glue purchase strategy, different performance areas of use vary greatly

The potting adhesive is a kind of adhesive that can be both hand potting and machine potting, this adhesive has good fluidity during construction, can guarantee electronic components, electrical components small gaps can be potted, comprehensive protection of electrical and electronic potting effect.
Potting adhesive purchase strategy:
1, potting adhesive according to the material division, can be divided into silicone potting adhesive, polyurethane potting adhesive, epoxy resin potting adhesive three categories. If divided according to the components, can be divided into two-component and one-component. Curing conditions can be divided into two categories: room temperature curing and heating curing.
2, room temperature curing epoxy resin potting adhesive is usually two-component, the requirements for equipment is not high, but poor permeability, short service life, only manual construction. After curing, heat resistance and electrical properties are poor, mainly used for low-voltage electronic devices potting.
3, heating curing two-component epoxy potting adhesive, is the most used potting adhesive, the most widely used type, this adhesive in the construction of good permeability, cured indicators are stable, safe to use.
4, silicone potting adhesive can be cured at room temperature or heated, the use of cured mechanical properties are poor, mainly used in household appliances or industrial appliances, maintenance is more convenient, cheap, adapt to the field including electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, LED lights and so on.
5, no matter which type of potting adhesive to buy, first of all, to determine the adaptability of the substrate, and then screen the quality, good quality after curing performance is more secure.

Potting glue after curing can strengthen the integrity of the appliance, effective resistance to external shocks, avoid exposure of the line outside, prevent water, moisture, chemical substances invasion, extend the service life of the appliance, to ensure safety during use. If the appliance does not use potting glue potting, there is no use of any safety protection, not easy to buy.

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