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What is wrong with the uneven surface after curing of black potting adhesive?

The surface of black potting adhesive shows a glossy film after curing, because it has fluidity in the process of injection, and the surface is flat after curing, but some users find that the surface is not flat after construction and curing, what is going on? Is it related to the quality?
Is the uneven surface after curing the potting adhesive a quality problem?
The viscosity of the good quality potting adhesive is low, and it can be potted to the corner of the substrate when potting. If the viscosity of the potting adhesive is high, the unevenness will easily appear after curing.
What are the reasons for the uneven surface after curing of black potting adhesive?
1, stirring material cup or mixer residual debris, not cleaned up in time has been cured reaction, again with the glue injection into the substrate, the surface is not flat after curing, the performance is reduced.
2, low purity of the glue, glue in the production process mixed with small miscellaneous materials, can be related to the manufacturing process, may also be related to the quality of the glue, so the surface of the glue will appear uneven after curing.
3、Curing speed is too fast. The black potting adhesive has the characteristics of heating curing, after the injection of glue has not yet automatically flowed flat has been curing reaction, then the surface will appear uneven phenomenon.
Black potting adhesive needs 12 hours to cure in 25-degree room temperature environment, the operation time is 70 to 110 minutes, if the one-time deployment of too much adhesive, the operation time will be shortened, need to improve the operation speed, you can consider the machine injection.

Black potting adhesive curing surface is not flat, not fully cured mostly because of improper operation and quality, so before construction needs to be familiar with the mastery of the operating process, strict control of the quality of the glue, so as to effectively avoid.

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