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Is there any effect of uneven height after potting adhesive curing?

Potting glue is a kind of liquidity glue, this glue can be used manual method or machine potting to electrical components, electronic components, in the construction process, with a certain degree of fluidity, can be effectively potted to the substrate in each gap, after curing to present a glossy glue film.
What happened to the unevenness of the potting adhesive after curing?
The reason for the unevenness of the potting adhesive after curing is related to the temperature of the construction environment, the ambient temperature is too high in the construction process, the glue has not yet completed the automatic flow leveling, there has been a curing reaction, then there will be unevenness of the cured glue.
In the construction process, if the machine is mixed with the last remaining glue, the two types of glue mixed can not be mixed into one, the infusion to the machine substrate surface will appear high and low phenomenon. This situation can be effectively avoided, the machine after the construction is completed even if the reasoning can be avoided.
Does the unevenness of the potting glue after curing affect much?
After curing the potting adhesive, the unevenness of the gel height still has a greater impact, the location of the thin gel waterproof performance and moisture resistance is poor, other performance will also be reduced. The location of the gel is slightly thicker, it is difficult to detect components with a needle, parts in the event of failure, not easy to find out.
After curing the gel uneven height, but also lead to instability of electrical performance, in the operation process, parts even with screws fastened, the location of the thick layer of glue will still appear light tilt, long-term use will increase the chance of failure of electrical appliances.
How to prevent uneven height after curing potting adhesive?
Pay attention to the quality. The higher the purity of the potting adhesive, the more effectively this can be avoided in the construction process.

If you want to avoid unevenness after curing potting adhesive, in addition to the quality of the adhesive, you also need to regularly maintain the construction equipment, even after use, rinse clean. The construction substrate surface needs to be guaranteed oil-free and dust-free.

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