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How to choose potting adhesive products and the key considerations of potting adhesive

How to choose potting adhesive products:
When choosing to use potting adhesive products, you should choose the most suitable potting adhesive products according to the requirements of the electronic product itself, potting equipment, curing equipment and other comprehensive evaluation. In the evaluation, focus on the following characteristics of potting adhesives.
Operating temperature, hardness, viscosity, color mixing ratio
Curing conditions (room temperature curing, heating curing)
Performance requirements: thermal conductivity, insulation strength, flame retardant grade, environmental requirements, etc.
 Key considerations for the use of potting adhesives:
Potting adhesive may produce precipitation during transportation and storage, please do sufficient stirring before use. If the mixing is not uniform, it will have a great impact on the performance of potting adhesive.
For two-component potting adhesive, the glue of both components should be pre-mixed first to ensure that the compound inside each component is mixed evenly.
Mix the two-component glue exactly according to the proportion (weight or volume)

For high potting requirements, after mixing, the glue should be vacuumed to achieve seamless pouring.

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