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In the use of adhesives, how do we choose the curing speed more suitable for their production of adhesives?

The amount of electronic adhesives is generally used by the kilogram or by the ton. For the use of a large number of adhesives, the curing speed of adhesives on the ease of operation is very important, then how should we choose the curing speed of adhesives, what kind of curing speed is more scientific and convenient for their glue?
1, the chosen adhesive needs to have sufficient working time (drying time, effective time) to properly mix and spray or apply adhesive, as well as assembly of bonded components.
2, if it is a smaller component or shorter cycle time then the production process can be used for a short period to quickly cure the positioning of the adhesive. If it is a large component is to consider sufficient assembly time. 
3, the need for pressurized alignment and clamping time, large components pressurized alignment time will be longer to consider the actual worker's operation, the operation time needs to be in 30 minutes, you choose the application period of the adhesive should be at least 1 hour, otherwise, the operation is not timely glue has been the first solid, does not have the bonding and affect the quality of the entire product.

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