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What is the temperature resistance of a high-temperature sealant? What about other aspects of performance?

Adhesives used in the industrial field are not quite the same as common products and need to resist high and low temperatures and perform better adhesion. To achieve these purposes, they should be made of special materials to give them more performance. Like high-temperature-resistant sealants, they have significant properties and advantages.
What is the temperature resistance of high-temperature sealants?
At present, the highest temperature resistance of high-temperature sealant on the market reaches one thousand three hundred degrees, which is suitable for use in a high-temperature environment. If there is no special need, you can choose ordinary adhesives, which can resist a high temperature of 180 to 200 degrees.
What are the other properties of high-temperature sealants?
After continuous research, the ratio of high-temperature sealant is more scientific. It is made with advanced equipment and technology, which makes it have good adhesive properties. Even if it is used to bond metal materials, it will not corrode and work normally under a high-temperature environment without problems.
In the process of use, it is poured in the correct way to form a protective adhesive layer, and the sealing and heat resistance are very good. At the same time, it can resist external shock and vibration, and will not easily affect the normal work of components.

Besides, the high-temperature-resistant sealant also has good insulating properties, flame retardant properties, and thermal conductivity. After successfully curing, it shows more performance, so feel free to use it.

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