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From which aspects can we judge the quality of potting adhesive?


From which aspects can we judge the quality of potting adhesive?

Nowadays, electronic products or electrical appliances cannot be produced without potting adhesives, which can be used for the overall sealing of parts and components, as well as for the bonding and fixing of electronic components. Usually two-component potting adhesive is more suitable for the overall parts of the potting, potting can strengthen the performance of electronic products, the use safer. When bonding electronic components, a one-component electronic potting adhesive is usually used, which is easy to operate and suitable for both manual application and automatic assembly line application.

To judge the quality of the potting adhesive, several aspects need to be considered.

1, you can test the electrical performance of the cured potting adhesive, only the leakage resistance, corona resistance potting adhesive are good quality. Such potting glue has insulation performance, used in electrical appliances can strengthen the insulation performance, not easy to occur leakage accidents.

2, has been cured after the potting adhesive can be tested whether it has the performance of blocking ultraviolet light, with this performance of the potting adhesive to prove good sealing performance, moisture, moisture, and other substances have good resistance.

3, after curing the potting adhesive can be placed in high and low-temperature observation, either in the high-temperature performance change or in the low-temperature performance change, which is not good quality potting adhesive.

4Price is also very important. Usually the price of good quality potting adhesive will not be lower than the average market price. Low-priced products often have no guarantee of quality. When buying need to pay attention to this situation, to buy good quality products, it is necessary to work with the brand's products

The above aspects can be judged from the quality of potting glue, in the purchase of caution, you can buy a small amount to the relevant departments or use the instrument to test the cured potting glue so that the quality is good or bad at a glance.

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