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How do I buy a quality fire sealant? What are some of the more practical industry suggestions?


How do I buy a quality fire sealant? What are some of the more practical industry suggestions?

Fireproof sealant is a sealant used more frequently in daily construction projects, almost all housing construction and commercial renovation projects need to use this sealant. So, in the face of such a large amount of fire sealant, what criteria should the builder follow to select a quality fire sealant when purchasing? What are the more practical industry recommendations for reference?

The first focuses on fire performance.

The most obvious feature of the fire sealant is to have superior fire performance, therefore, but where the use of fire-resistant materials in the construction of the part of the project, will use the fire sealant to seal the processing. Therefore, in the purchase of fire sealant, the first is to consider whether the fire performance of the product can withstand the test of quality.

The second focuses on the sealing effect.

Second, the fire sealant performance, need to rely on good sealing performance to reflect its fire performance, therefore, in the selection of such products, the need for quality, sealing must be superior to performance, which requires the construction side in the selection of sealant brand focus on its professionalism

The third focuses on curing time.

Finally, fire sealant in the actual use of the process, the need for a period of curing time, generally speaking, the use of better quality fire sealant curing time of about 4 hours, if the curing time is too long, often affect the progress of the project, and may also affect the final fire effect and sealing effect.

In short, when we buy fire sealant, we should try to cooperate with a professional manufacturers brand, so that we can ensure the quality of the project, to play a key fire prevention effect, at the same time, the quality of the fire sealant also determines the safety of the late occupancy, so in the selection of fire sealant on this matter, must not be sloppy and careless.

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