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What is a potting adhesive used for?

For some people who often use potting glue, potting glue is not unfamiliar. However, those who have never been exposed to potting glue, are not sure what potting glue is and how it should be used. So, let's discuss what is potting glue and what kind of occasions it is used in.
Potting glue has another name, called electronic glue. The so-called electronic glue, or potting glue, is a kind of glue that is used on electronic components.People will use the potting glue on some special occasions so that electronic components can be protected from the erosion of moisture and oxygen in the air under the protection of the potting glue to a certain extent to ensure the service life of electronic components, but also to play the role of electronic components between the bonding, sealing, etc...
  • How should potting adhesive be used?

Before using the potting adhesive, people should first choose a good quality potting adhesive. So, how can I choose a good quality potting adhesive? A good manufacturer can guarantee the quality of potting adhesive, not only can focus on potting adhesive research but also can provide customized potting adhesive application solutions.Secondly, when people use the potting adhesive should first carry out a certain ratio, only a reasonable ratio will be able to use in the next will not appear in the error; complete the ratio, people need to start as soon as possible to potting, to avoid potting adhesive slowly solidify over time, affecting the normal use of potting adhesive; in the process of potting, to avoid some allergic phenomenon, people can also wear gloves.The above is the introduction of the use of potting glue, people mastered the relevant usage, you can use the potting glue to do when the mind and comfort.

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