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Thermally conductive silicone are more environmentally friendly than you might think


Heat-conductive silicone mats are more environmentally friendly than you might think. Some time ago I met a layman's white, heard that our company is doing thermal conductive silicone pad, chatting with him suddenly asked:
Thermal gel manufacturers tell you.

  1. Thermally conductive silicone pad is based on silicone, increase metal oxides and other various auxiliary materials, through a special process to synthesize a kind of thermal conductive media materials, thermal conductive silicone film is a composite material mixed with silicone rubber and thermal conductive materials, the composition of the silicone is a common material in our days.
  2. From the aspect of characteristics, silicone products are non-toxic and tasteless products, good texture, no damage to the human body, and general impersonation of silicone products is difficult to achieve these effects, impersonation of shoddy silicone products are generally toxic with a pungent smell, and also relatively rough. Like in the 1980s, the shoes bought on the street had a strong rubber smell.
But now, in our growing standard of living, environmental protection is getting more and more people's attention!
There are instruments on the market to test the function of silicone for environmental protection. In general, the environmental test for thermally conductive silicone film is to test whether its composition contains halogens such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. Thermal conductive materials are divided into insulating and non-insulating, all metal itself is good thermal conductive materials, but metal does not have insulating function, and thermal conductive silicone pad is through the increase of ceramic class of inorganic non-metallic thermal conductive materials, such as alumina, BN, AlN, magnesium oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and other complementary materials, to achieve both insulation and thermal conductivity of good effect. Insulation function of thermally conductive silicone rubber pad, flame retardant is one of the important objectives. Some manufacturers in order to improve the flame retardant role of the thermal conductive silicone film, will add decabromodiphenyl ethane in the thermal conductive silicone sheet as a flame retardant, thus failing to achieve the level of ROHS testing. ziitek thermal conductive silicone film is tested by ROHS, with ROHS environmental protection certificate, the product 100% environmental protection function, thermal conductive silicone film resistance, elasticity is very good, not simply due to external forces and deformation, and the feel will feel It is relatively smooth to the touch.Impostor silicone film products are easy to deform and rough to the touch, because there is no layer of greasy substance on the surface of the impostor silicone film. Perhaps some professionals have noticed thatheat-conducting silicone films can be colour-matched, i.e. they can be made in different colours according to the needs of the user. Anyone who has worked in a paint factory knows that the smell of paint is very strong,
  • Does this conflict with environmental protection?
In general, the colour paste used for heat-conductive silicone films is a halogen-free silicone masterbatch, which does not contain halogens in its formula, i.e. fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, etc., i.e. it meets the EU ROHS environmental requirements, which means that the masterbatch is more environmentally friendly than the formula with halogens. In order to ensure quality, we can also identify the real and fakeheat-conducting silicone film through the way of incineration. The impostor heat-conducting silicone film is black smoke and the residue is black powder when it is incinerated, and the real heat-conducting silicone film is white smoke and white powder when it is incinerated no matter what colour it is. The day is everywhere, and the environmental protection function is very important. Recognize the environmental protection of thethermal conductive silicone film, for your equipment escort!

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