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Is thermally conductive silicone grease stable?


Through repeating use, it has been proven that the function of thermally conductive silicone paste is very stable. It can play the function of insulation and thermal conductivity during operation, reducing the probability of accidents. It is a very good barrier against external oscillations and shocks, and plays a maintenance role. In addition, its low density enables it to operate in accordance with the practical use of the situation and to play a more stable function.After selecting a high quality thermally conductive thermal paste, it will maintain the environment. It will not release toxic, smelly gases and will not corrode the surrounding equipment, so it will work properly. 

The use of high quality thermally conductive silicone grease in the right areas will bring unexpected results.Thermal grease has high thermal conductivity and good thermal conductivity, can be used to a wide range of temperatures, and has outstanding electrical insulation. Of course, not all thermally conductive silicone adhesives are insulating, and we usually use insulating silicone grease for installation. The operating temperature of thermally conductive silicone grease usually does not exceed 200 degrees, and the maximum customary temperature is 300 degrees.

Low temperatures of around minus 60 degrees can be used normally.Thermal grease is now widely used in electronic components, such as power amplifiers, transistors, electronic tubes and CPUs. 

In the process of application, we can feel its charm, which can achieve thermal conductivity, but also ensure the normal use of various electronic and electrical products, so that their functions are stabilized.

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