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Guide of thermally conductive silicone paste


Firstly, wipe with a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball. After wiping clean, dry the processor to ensure a dry surface.

Next, determine the size of the contact surface between the base of the heat sink and the heat source before wiping on the thermal conductive paste, applying a small amount.

Furthermore, place your fingers into the plastic bag and rub the thermal paste on the base of the heatsink with your fingers until the paste is evenly spread over the entire surface of the contact area. Ensure that the thermal paste fills the gaps and uneven areas on the bottom of the radiator. (Attention: Do not apply directly with your fingers!)

Finally, press down when installing the radiator, do not twist and move the radiator, as this will result in uneven application of the thermal paste between the radiator and the heat source, as well as the possibility of air bubbles affecting the heat dissipation.

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