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what is thermal grease for?

Thermal grease is widely used to conduct heat and dissipate heat from electronic components to ensure the stable and normal operation of electronic products. However, the long-term stability of electronic products depends on whether the thermal grease can keep its heat dissipation function in the long term.Today, we will explain to you the knowledge about the service life of thermal grease.

The life of thermal grease depends on the quality of the product itself and the environment in which it is used.Therefore, if you use products with poor oil separation rate, you need to replace the thermal grease on a short term and regular basis. The thermal grease that is easy to seep oil may need to be replaced after a few months, which greatly increases the labour and cost.

We look at the environment again, thermal conductive silicone grease in the process of use, to ensure that the heat dissipation of electronic products is normal, then the thermal conductive silicone grease must be cleaned of dust and oil on the surface of the components before use, otherwise it will lead to the contamination of the thermal conductive grease, and the service life will definitely decline; In addition, the thermal conductive silicone grease in the encounter of long-term humid environment.

Some models may deteriorate, which may affect the thermal conductivity and lead to early failure of electronic products.

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